behind the scenes: winter wedding shoot

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared my winter wedding shoot with you? 

Well, one of my goals for this year was to share with you how we did it. I'm in the process of creating a comprehensive guide for creating styled shoots, but I thought it would be cool to start by showing you behind the scenes look at my most recent one. Please feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions at all!

Once we had decided on the theme, secured a shooting location, found our lovely models and vendors, and made all the arrangements, it was time to get crafting. We spent a "crafternoon" at Elyse's place, working on many of the decor elements. 

Of course, many delicious snacks were necessary fuel to get us started. 

We started out by collecting fallen branches from a nearby park. Elyse covered them all with gold spray paint.

Then it was onto the favours. We bought these chocolate-covered pretzels from a local shop, then hand painted them with edible gold powder mixed with vodka.

Jenn, who you may remember was the talented makeup artist for this shoot, planned out her makeup look for Sarah (and hung out with Elyse's dog, Gryffin). 

She tested out a whole bunch of colours and a few different looks on Elyse.

The day before the shoot, the flowers arrived. We didn't have the privilege of working with a florist this time, and it was our first time working with flowers. It was extremely challenging! First of all, about a third of our order (all hydrangeas) wilted within hours of arriving. We had to make due with what we had left. It was actually incredibly fun to put together the arrangements and bouquet, but man was it challenging.  There was definitely a lot of sweating and cursing going on as I assembled my first ever bouquet! 

Elyse cleared out her fridge so we could store the flowers overnight.

The morning of the shoot, Jenn and Sarah arrived at my apartment. Jenn did Sarah's makeup while I styled her hair. Isn't her hair colour (natural, by the way) the most glorious shade you've ever set eyes on? Sigh.

Upon arriving at the shoot, we - with the help of generous and kind family members - unpacked all the decor and wardrobe.

Once everything was unpacked and the bride and groom were dressed, we headed outside to catch the last hour of sun and take the outdoor portraits. I love this photo as it shows Jenn being awesome, carrying everything, Brian testing the lighting, and Peter trying not to wipe out in his dress shoes on the icy hill.

Brian and Jenn are ready to get started!

In between photos, Elyse multitasks and adjusts Sarah's outfit, making sure her gown is staying in pristine condition.

Right as we were finishing up our portraits, I noticed a patch of beautiful light in the distance, and knew I had to grab a few final photos in this spot. In the photos below, Elyse and I are briskly escorting Sarah to the sweet spot, racing against time as the sun begins to dip below the city skyline. And yes, of COURSE Sarah is wearing winter boots under her dress. It was freezing!

Elyse makes further adjustments to Sarah's outfit.

Elyse is impressively smiley considering the fact that she was shivering when I took this shot. The photo on the right shows you what happens to fragile anemones when you subject them to sub zero temperatures for an hour. Yikes! My bouquet died a quick death.

Once we set up everything inside and finished shooting Sarah and Peter's indoor portraits, it was time to shoot the details. Elyse, with her meticulous attention to detail, had even packed chocolate and a grater to garnish the hot chocolates. Jenn, our lady of all trades that day, topped them with whipped cream and the chocolate garnish.

Of course, you gotta stop for the odd photo break!

After Brian and I finished shooting every last detail, it was time to say goodbye to our beloved Chateau Ramezay. We packed everything back up into boxes and bags. We were sad to leave this beautiful space. But we had such a wonderful time working here. 

Many thanks to Sara, who arranged for us to use the space. You were wonderful!

And once again, a huge thank you to the whole team. I love you all. Looking forward to our next project!