montreal portrait photography | jenny & ian

When Jenny buzzed me in and I walked into their building, a tiny fluffball bounded down the hall to greet me. Aubergine, their new puppy, was the best welcome committee a girl could ask for. Behind her, Jenny's laugh echoed down the hallway. We went inside their cozy apartment and Jenny set me up at her awesome makeup table. A girl after my own heart, she had it stocked with MAC products. While I got to work creating her "modern mod" makeup look, Ian joined us and the three of us chose their outfits for their photo session. These two have amazing style, so it was really challenging but fun sifting through their awesome wardrobes to choose two perfect looks.

As Jenny and I sorted through her collection of gorgeous antique jewellery, I asked her where she'd found all the pieces. Smiling widely, she told me that Ian buys a new piece for her every Christmas.When I told her she was lucky to be dating a man with such amazing taste, Ian quickly responded that he was lucky to have a beautiful girlfriend for whom he could find cool new treasures every year. Sigh.

You know what else is adorable about these two? She's an artist, he's an engineer, and they use their complementary skills and creativity to collaborate on art projects. She conceptualizes, he helps her with the planning, and they design and build installations together. Amazing!

Their portrait session was the fourth and final installment of my Romance portrait series (at least for this fall). Jenny and Ian's session was a "Modern Romance." Though I was originally inspired by Mod style, my vision evolved slightly to reflect an updated, cozier aesthetic, a reflection of the two wonderful people involved.

Jenny and Ian, thank you for spending part of your Saturday with me. I had an absolutely amazing time documenting your love for each other, and enjoying the gloriously unseasonable weather. Oh, and the view from your roof was pretty damn spectacular, too.