montreal engagement | jackie & emil

The first thing you should know about Jackie and Emil is this: they met while working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean  Doesn't that just warm your Breaker High-loving heart? Come on, I know that show was once your guilty pleasure too.

The second thing you should know is that they are simply wonderful, funny, vibrant people who are brimming with joy and love. They love the world around them, their friends and family, and each other.

After their fateful meeting on the sea, Jackie and Emil found their love growing quickly. After several years, long-distance phone calls and international visits, Emil (who's from Poland) moved to Jackie's hometown of Montreal. They now have a home together here, one they treasure deeply.

Jackie and Emil, thank you for choosing me as your photographer. I  really appreciate that you both share my tendency to lose track of time and place while doing something I love.  Emil, for you it's when you're cooking up magic in the kitchen; for Jackie it's in pages of a great book. I had a fabulous time losing myself in the moment with you, documenting your love.

I am so excited for you guys, and can't wait to photograph your wedding next spring!

I always encourage my clients to choose locations for their portrait sessions that have special meaning to them. Since Emil is a professional chef, we thought Montreal's Jean Talon market would be the perfect place  for them. Luckily, the weather was gorgeous and the market was full of late fall produce.