old montreal engagement | talia & jeff

The first day of university, I arrived at residence carrying a lot of boxes, trying to conceal my bundle of nerves, and instantly regretting wearing a hideous yellow turtleneck tank top.

Within minutes of arriving, my boxes were whisked away, and my nerves and self-consciouness were forgotten the moment I saw a large group of people wearing black coveralls. Each person called him or herself by a strange nickname and as a group they called themselves sophs. They were there to welcome us to Western, and to help introduce us to the amazing campus life we were going to enjoy during our years there.

From this strange but friendly group of people, two people in particular stood out. One girl with a big smile and glossy, black curls called herself Shoesday and was subjected to being pelted by shoes by her friends every Tuesday. She was the soph on Brian's floor, which was right next to mine. A guy with a really friendly vibe and a serious talent for shredding on his electric guitar called himself Gunghoe. He was great friends with my soph, and as such was a regular vistor on our floor.

After orientation week ended, I learned their real names, and became lucky enough to call them my friends. I also learned that while I was starting university, they were starting to fall for each other. They hit it off while helping hundreds of new students feel welcome, and they've been together ever since.

Years later, Talia and Jeff sat on a dock. For years they'd been attending the weddings of friends and family, and had often discussed and joked around about when they'd make things official. As they looked out onto the water, Talia jokingly asked Jeff, "So, when's it our turn?" This time, he was ready with a response, and with a ring. Instead of answering, he reached into his pocket and asked her a question.

Talia and Jeff, you guys are both so wonderful, hilarious, and truly kind people. I am so excited for you both! Thank you for allowing me to document this exciting moment in your lives together :)