montreal portrait session | ian & jenn

Ian and Jenn are dear friends. Brian and I met them on a blind "friend date" last fall. They had just moved to Montreal and our mutual friend, Andrew, introduced us via Facebook. He sent the four of us a very detailed message about who we all were and why we should be friends. We met over pints at Dieu du Ciel and instantly hit it off. We owe Andrew a huge thanks for introducing us to these lovely people!

When we were planning the shoot, Ian told me that Jenn has never seen him without a beard. He was ready for a change, willing to let Jenn shave it off, and suggested it might be cool to document the transformation. I loved the idea! As you will see, our photo session together is pretty different from my usual style. The subject matter shaped my technique quite a bit and it was so cool to try a more documentary style approach.

Are you guys ready for something quite different? You'll definitely learn a few things about shaving. I did!

Here's Ian taking one last look at his bearded self:

And Jenn getting ready to transform him

Slicking his hair back off his face to clear the way:

Ian gives Jenn a quick shaving lesson on the balloon

And things don't quite go as planned

 Ian might have encouraged the explosion with a pin...

Warming up his face with a hot towel to soften the hair

Trimming the beard to make it easier to shave

Getting ready to massage in the pre-shave oil (this further softens the hair)

Applying the shaving cream with a big fluffy shaving brush

And we're off!

All finished! Jenn cut him up a tiny bit, so she put some toilet paper on to stop the bleeding.

Jenn's a little wary. She barely recognizes him

She's a bit emotional upon seeing the transformation, but he's still the same guy!

A few last-minute touchups

The transformation is complete!

Ian and Jenn, thanks so much for such a fun afternoon. Jenn, thank you so much for doing this while being sick, and for doing such a beautiful job (as always) with your makeup. Ian, thanks for sacrificing your face's cozy warmth for the sake of art.