montreal portrait photography | sophia & mike

Sophia and Mike are a couple of sweethearts. They love each other deeply and just fit so perfectly together.

I first had the pleasure of working with Sophia when she posed as a makeup model for me a few months ago. We had a lot of fun playing with three different makeup looks, and chatting breezily. Sophia is a positive, driven person who balances her PhD research with a part-time job, extracurricular activities, and embracing everything Montreal has to offer. Naturally, I was so happy to have the chance to work with her again.

This all started last month, when I was setting goals for myself and my photography practice. One such goal was to do four themed shoots with couples, and in doing so to push myself to take different kinds of portraits. I came up with four themes: sunshine romance, epic romance, nightlife romance and modern romance. You can click on the themes to see the inspiration boards I created for each one. I posted a call for volunteers on Facebook, and was overwhelmed by the response!

Jenn and Ian had been set to do sunshine romance, but we changed our approach when we were met with slate gray skies and heavy rain. Upon Ian's suggestion, we opted to do the shaving romance instead.

Sophia and Mike were some of the first ones to volunteer for my romance series. We decided that epic romance would be the perfect theme for them. I'm so happy we chose this one, as their mutual affection and passion is clearly evident the moment you see them together.

For this session, I was inspired by the posters of romantic films and the covers of romance novels (yes, even the trashy ones). I invited Sophia and Mike to let go of any inhibitions and really embrace the theme. They definitely took me up on the invitation, and for that I'm truly grateful.

Sophia and Mike, I had a wonderful afternoon with you in Parc Lafontaine, documenting your epic romance and your love for each other!