montreal portrait photography | maya & dave

Last week, I had the pleasure of working with Maya and Dave. Though I was officially introduced to them by Ian and Jenn, Maya and I had actually been in the same Photoshop class, and had recognized each other from there. Since Maya is a fellow photographer, it made me extra happy and appreciative when she and Dave volunteered for this photo session.

The theme of these portraits is Nightlife Romance, and here's the inspiration board we created together when brainstorming about the shoot. I was inspired by the wonderful nightlife Montreal offers, as by its stylish participants. The three of us had a lot of fun looking for light and colour in the west end of downtown. I used to live in this area during my first two years in Montreal. Walking around here on a daily basis, I became somewhat unobservant of the area, so I wanted to push myself to see it differently.

Maya and Dave, thank you so much for exploring with me. You guys are both just so charming, charismatic, and so cute together. Spending time with you made me feel cool by association.