fall 2011 makeup

I must admit, I get much more excited for fall beauty than I do for spring. This is mostly because colours are richer and more deeply pigmented, but also because I have more confidence that they will stay on my face and not be melted off my summer's humidity.

The colder weather always gets me excited to play with colour, and I like to layer on saturated shades as I pile on layers of cozy clothing. Here's what I'm playing around with this fall:

Clockwise from top left:

Tarte for True Blood Limited Edition Palette

First of all, this is a great bargain. $68 for 17 eyeshadows, an eye primer, liner and mascara. All the shades are brand new, inspired by and named for aspects of the HBO program, and are perfect for fall. I like that there's a good mix of shimmery daytime colours and vibrant darker tones for evening. They are even arranged in a way that shows you which colours blend harmoniously together. Use the eye primer first to lock the shadow on for hours, and finish with the creamy eyeliner (works best to line your waterlines; it's a bit too smudgy for above the lashline) and mascara.

Covergirl NatureLuxe Foundation

Even though I love Bare Minerals, occasionally I search for a foundation that can be applied quickly and without a brush. After reading lots of great reviews of Covergirl's entire NatureLuxe line, I opted to start by sampling the foundation. Infused with cucumber, it is incredibly soothing and slightly cooling on your skin. It quickly became my go-to summer base. I am using it happily into fall too, as it's very moisturizing and gives great, though very natural, coverage.

Sally Hansen Your Skin Makeup by Carmindy

This is my other favourite foundation of the moment.  Created by Carmindy (yes, the one and only from What Not to Wear), it's smooth, light, and really blends into skin seamlessly. I find this to be the most natural liquid foundation besides L'Oreal True Match. It has a slightly dewy finish, which you can either embrace or set with a dusting of translucent powder.

Clinique Black Honey Collection

When I was 12, I first discovered Clinique's Black Honey lipstick. It looked black in the tube, but applied as a sheer golden violet. I was intrigued! At the time, the price of a tube far exceeded my allowance, but I continued to admire the colour for years until I was able to afford it. As it turns out, the shade has a bit of a cult following. Consumers' enthusiasm for this shade inspired Clinique to create a limited edition collection this fall, entirely composed of Black Honey shades. I've sampled every piece of it and it's all great with the exception of the shadows, which are difficult to blend as is typical of Clinique.

Bobbi Brown Black Ruby Sparkle Eye Palette

Now, if you want to talk blendable eyeshadows, let's look to Bobbi Brown. Bobbi's entire line is aimed at customers who aim for natural beauty looks. When she departs from her more subdued palettes, however, I find she does really cool stuff. This palette is particularly gorgeous, and would suit all skin tones.

Makeup Forever Aqua Creams

I bought one of these in Fuchsia this summer and have been slicking it on my lips for months now. There are creams for both eyes and lips/cheeks in a variety of bright colours. They are all waterproof and very dramatic. These are perfect for evening, halloween, or any special occasion where you're looking for colour that really pops and stays put. I wouldn't advise using it as blush though, as it tends to dry quite quickly and could easily go awry on your cheeks.

Cargo Blush in Catalina

This blush is just a really fun colour. Though most beauty editors recommend it as a summer shade, I think it's great to use bright pink as we transition into colder weather. It is best applied lightly on the apples of cheeks, and I've yet to find a complexion it doesn't look good on, from the palest to the deepest.

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Soulfully Rich

I bought this lipstick last week as a treat for myself. It sure is dark, but it's wonderfully dramatic against pale skin, and nice and rich against deeper skin tones. It needs to be applied with great precision though, or you're going to look like you were chewing on a pen that exploded.