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Lately I've been thinking a lot about all things physical and tangible. Things that we can touch and hold. Although I'm a digital photographer, my journey began with film and my obsession developed in the darkroom at my high school as I watched my work bloom to life in the chemical baths. Working and delivering digitally has many advantages, and I take pride in being able to send clients a beautiful online gallery of their images, but sending along tangible items is increasingly important to me.

When USB Memory Direct reached out to me, I was keen to partner with them as I am putting together ideas for how I provide my clients with more physical tokens to remember their wedding or portrait experience with me, and to hold onto the brightest and most precious moments from their special occasion.

I'm happy to share that thanks to the folks at USB Memory Direct, I will now have USB keys available upon request in addition to online galleries. I also offer a full line of prints and albums, and am working on finding some extraordinary new items as well.

Here's a peek at the beautiful wooden USB keys you can now request!

I'm playing around with different stationary options and packaging for different types of clients. Below you can see some ideas I'm working on for model portfolio shoot clients as well as golden anniversary portrait clients.

If you're a fellow photographer and looking to find a USB key to complement your digital delivery, USB Memory Direct has lots of options to suit different styles, so it's easy to upload your logo and have a personalized key made that ties in with your brand. They offer fast shipping and I was super happy with the quality of the keys I received. 



It's the longest day of the year and I'm celebrating my announcing my brand new offering, Violet Hour portraits. These mini sessions are available on select weeknights upon request until summer's end.

We will meet at dusk, give you a 10-minute express glam treatment (glittery eyeshadow optional!) to help you feel a little bit fancy and enjoy a 30-minute shoot together. You'll receive 10 lovingly retouched images. I'll also help you choose the perfect outfit and location. Get in touch and we can start dreaming up your magical Violet Hour portraits.

Price: $200 + gst



I'm so excited to host my next Mama + Baby day in my greenhouse portrait studio on Edmonton's west side.


  • Sunday, September 9, 2018

We'll be shooting iconic, black and white, Vanity Fair-style portraits with my new hand-painted backdrop. They will be timeless and classic and you'll look beyond gorgeous while snuggling your kiddo. You're welcome to request colour portraits instead if that's your preference, but the overall theme of this day of minis is in the B&W style.

Very limited spots will be available, so grab yours now! Here's what your Mama + Baby session includes:

  • Express glam makeup. We keep it nice and quick (~20 minutes) so your baby doesn't get impatient. Feel free to come barefaced and we'll give you a glowy, natural look, or arrive with your favourite everyday makeup look and we'll glam it up a bit to give you some extra polish!
  • 30-minute shoot.  You and your little one will snuggle and play while I snap away.
  • 10 beautiful images. You'll select favourites from an online gallery to be lovingly retouched.
  • Mocktail/coffee/tea  - your choice of beverage to enjoy while getting glam.
  • Petite gift bag. A few treasures to help you treat yourself.

Price: $250 + gst


  • There is no age limit on babies!
  • Expecting mamas are most welcome
  • Please feel free to bring your partner along to hold your little one while you're getting glam.
  • If you fall in love with more than 10 portraits (and I hope you will!) you are most welcome to purchase more at $25/image. 


Me in the beauty room of my new studio. Photo: Jon Curow/Elva Creative.

Me in the beauty room of my new studio. Photo: Jon Curow/Elva Creative.

Today I'm delighted to share a little glimpse into my studio space, and to show you some rather dramatic before and afters. When we were on the hunt for our first home, our realtor (Tyler Ellis) took us to a fixer upper, that was essentially a shabby house in a lovely neighbourhood. He suggested that this house was worth seeing because it not only had a lot of potential, but it was at a ridiculously great price point in a neighbourhood that is usually less affordable.

We toured the house, and although Brian and I were already pretty intrigued by the home itself, but when we walked into the backyard and I saw a greenhouse filled with abundant natural light, I was almost certain this was the house for us. Although we saw many other homes, we kept thinking about what we would come to refer to as the Peach Stucco Palace. A midcentury bungalow that we could slowly customize to suit us perfectly.

Last spring, my parents and our wonderful family friend, Brian Keller (a designer, master carpenter and renovator) came to Edmonton to help me turn the dilapidated former orchid greenhouse into a tiny but lovely studio space. Although there are still many changes to be made (namely to the exterior), I couldn't be more thrilled with how it's turned out. 

Here is a look at the current space:


Here's where it began:

This "before" picture was actually taken after countless hours with a shop vac + broom, removing significant amounts of dirt, mud, cobwebs, insects, etc.

This "before" picture was actually taken after countless hours with a shop vac + broom, removing significant amounts of dirt, mud, cobwebs, insects, etc.

My family and Brian Keller worked tirelessly to transform my space. Here they are hard at work:

A large amount of the materials were salvaged and repurposed from the existing space, or purchased at Habitat for Humanity. Only a small amount of new materials were used. Almost all the furniture was secondhand, found at various antique shops throughout Edmonton, although I did also find many items at HomeSense too!

Below is the beauty room, where people sit, enjoy refreshments, have their makeup done and discuss our shoot plans before we begin.

EAST WALL - this wall was built out of old doors - brilliant idea by Brian Keller.

NORTH WALL - this wall that is up against my garage is now used as my primary backdrop + styling corner.

WEST WALL -  This wall is pretty much just where I stand to shoot, but it also now houses a large mirror, clothing rack, and bar cart where clients or collaborators can place any accessories or props. Cameo by my parents' dog, Leon.

Here I am (very pregnant, last fall) photographing a friend in the beauty room. Photo by my brother, Jon Curow. Cameo by Pearl the Beardie, who loves nothing more than to snooze under the makeup table. Clients who are dog lovers are always welcome to request a visit from Pearl during your shoot. She is more than happy to oblige.


Now that the studio is up and running and I'm easing back to work after maternity leave, I'm beyond excited! Here are some images I've taken using mostly beautiful natural light:

I'm officially open for portrait bookings for this summer and fall and would love to host you in my greenhouse studio. Get in touch to grab your spot!


Also, just a quick note in response to some questions I've received. The studio is my home studio only and is not available to rent.