My friend Meredith and I both love to shoot, even in our free time. Perhaps especially in our free time? She's working hard in New York City right now, kicking off her second year of studying photography at The New School. But before she returned to the big apple this semester, she visited me in Edmonton this summer to assist me with Sandra and Ryan's wedding. On our free day, we decided to do a little exploring and photograph each other around the city.

I've photographed Meredith several times before, like the "Soap" portrait in my Feeling of Fragrance project, her graduation portraits and these portraits in Toronto. She's a wonderful friend and muse and this most recent shoot was one of our most fun ones yet. We started at the Muttart Conservatory and then wandered along the river. It was a beautiful day. Thanks again for visiting and for all your help, Meredith! Wishing you a wonderful school year.