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The Beauty Parlour is one of my happy places. It's the place where I go when I need to refresh my look, where I am welcomed with warmth and great conversation, where I enjoy a latte while getting my locks all fixed up. It's also the place where my hair colour was rescued!

As anyone who colours their hair may know, moving to a new city and finding a new colourist can be very challenging. In each city I've lived in, its always been a series of trial and error until I found my dream hairstylist. By the end of my time in Montreal, Madison and Toronto, I'd found a hair kindred spirit who I knew I could count on to create something beautiful, and my last visit with each talented lady before a move was quite emotional for me. Great hair can be hard to come by, so when you find a person who works magic with your tresses, you hold on to them! Shoutout to Anka in Montreal, Rosalee in Madison, and Nicole in Toronto.

I was not lucky with my first two hair colour (mis)adventures in Edmonton, and I was desperate to find someone who could help me save my hair from it's patchy, orange state. Luckily, Lane from Pura Botanicals recommended The Beauty Parlour and I ended up in Kirsten's chair for colour correction.  It was a process that took three visits and excellent planning and precision from Kirsten. Afterwards, I am happy to report that my hair looks pretty lovely and continues to look better with each subsequent visit as any remnants of the old disastrous colour grow out.

The Beauty Parlour's doors have been open to happy customers for eight years. Situated in Edmonton's Old Strathcona neighbourhood, it is a sunlit space on the second floor of a building on the always bustling Whyte Avenue.

Owner and senior stylist Desiree Liley has created a space that's closely aligned with her eco-conscious  and "beauty with a conscience" philosophies. The salon's décor is all made from salvaged and repurposed materials, which creates an atmosphere that is as warm and chic as it is eclectic and whimsical. The flooring, for example, is made from reclaimed wood from a local grain elevator.

It was one of Edmonton's first salons to strictly use ammonia-free hair colour, and it maintains its "clean air salon" atmosphere, using products that have low scent properties and chemical emanations. The safer hair colouring products are also appropriate for clients with sensitivities or expectant or nursing mothers. For styling, they primarily use Kevin Murphy products, which are sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free.

I look forward to every visit, as I always leave with a spring in my step and fabulous hair.

Take a look around this magical space! Thank you to Desiree and Raquel for inviting me in to photograph The Beauty Parlour, and thanks to Kirsten for helping me find my way to great hair.