"Can we all take a second to just look at this man? I mean, look at how handsome he is!"

Wine glass in hand, Mindy paused her toast to encourage all her guests to join her in ogling the man of her dreams. Clarke blushed, shaking his head with a good natured grin, quickly changing the subject to tell a few jokes and profusely thank everyone for coming to celebrate their union.

Both Mindy and Clarke wear their hearts on their sleeves, and both possess the most generous and kind of hearts. Their love for each other is effervescent, unabashed and true.

When they first met at a mutual friend's house party, a spark was immediate. Although Mindy realized that falling for a guy who was living in Northern Alberta would be rather inconvenient given that she was in Southern Ontario, something about him made her toss aside any doubts and give long-distance love a shot. When she completed her Master's degree, she applied for jobs all across Canada. As luck would have it, while she was visiting Clarke in Fort McMurray, she landed an interview that very week in that very same city. She nailed the interview, got the job and just like that, their long-distance days were a thing of the past.

A few short years later, they tied the knot at Hernder Estates in St. Catharines, Ontario and oh, how happy I am that they invited me along to document all the fun! Their families and friends made us feel like guests, and we just adored being part of it all. 

Mindy and Clarke, thank you SO much for choosing me as your wedding photographer. My brother and I loved spending time with you guys and all the wonderful people in your lives. We adore you both and are incredibly happy for you as you begin your marriage together. I hope your honeymoon was every bit as wonderful as it sounded. I imagine it was, because where you two go, magic follows.


Venue: Hernder Estate Wines// Officiant : Sheldon Kofsky  //  Décor and florals: Stuff by Chris  //  Photography: Dallas Curow, assisted by Jon Curow  // Bride's dress: Christina Wu  //  Bride's shoes: Badgely Mischka  //  Makeup: Pretty in Pink  // Videographer: Codie Chisholm