In case you're looking for a burst of inspiration in your day, I'm here to introduce you to my friend, Meredith. This whip-smart and highly talented ingenue is currently finishing up her gap year in London before beginning her photography studies at Parsons New School in the fall. I highly recommend checking out her blog, as well as her vibrant instagram feed. Follow her charmed life and travel adventures through her photography and writing.

Meredith has modelled for me before, as a model for the "Soap" portrait in my Feeling of Fragrance project. More recently, she participated in my Special Occasion video project. For this session, we met up in Toronto to take portraits to commemorate her graduation from high school. In the US, this type of portrait session is called "senior portraits" but since we don't generally call our grade 12 students seniors in Canada, we thought graduation portraits described the occasion perfectly well. When most people think of graduation portraits, however, they immediately think cap and gown. We wanted to do something different.

I set out to photograph Meredith just as she is, without the trappings of traditional yearbook photos. Instead of holding a diploma, she brought along some of her favourite outfits and we explored my former neighbourhood of West Queen West/Little Portugal/Parkdale. We stopped for coffee, shopped for magazines and records, picked out the perfect flower crown and sipped on cocktails/mocktails. It was such a pleasure to document this exciting milestone in her life.

Meredith, I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments. I look forward to continuing to follow your captivating photography and stories!