Creating portraits for Pura Botanicals was nothing short of a dream job. Truly, this is the kind of shoot that I dream about all the time because I love photographing people in their elements. When your subject is as charismatic and luminous as Lane Edwards and her element is a sumptuous apothecary and perfume studio and everything smells amazing and the light is just perfect... well, let's just say I was in creative heaven. Lane, thank you for choosing me to take these images of your inspiring business. What a joy it was to photograph you again!

One of the most intriguing corners of Pura is the desk where Lane holds her bespoke perfume sessions. It is here where she sits down one-on-one with clients and dreams up a beautiful, completely customized fragrance based on a detailed conversation and an exploration of the library of natural oils, absolutes essences Pura stocks. I absolutely cannot wait for my own bespoke session and will be sure to share a bit about the experience with you guys.

And of course, our shoot wouldn't be complete without including Cathy, Pura's director of operations and Lane's mother-in-law. These women make a great team.

Ladies, thanks so much again for the opportunity to photograph you in your magical space!