Katryna is a bit of a creative wunderkind here in Edmonton. As a savvy member of the Lux Beauty Boutique team, she is super knowledgeable about all things media and marketing. In her spare time, she is a seamstress who is constantly dreaming up new projects and making beautiful garments. Her sewing and design work have caught my eye more than once on her blog, Boots + Cats and on her instagram feed, so I thought it would be fun to collaborate and show off some of her beautiful creations. We shot on one of the last warm days of fall, just before the early snow arrived in Edmonton. It's been a while since I've been able to shoot during sunset and I was in reverence of the glory that is golden hour. 

Katryna, thanks so much for sharing your work with me!

Designed by Katryna: patterned dress, rose gold sequin maxi skirt, marbled top.

Hair + makeup + photography: Dallas Curow