I'm a photographer and makeup artist based in Edmonton.

To me, life is a series of beautiful snapshots, and I passionately document the lives of my clients, family and friends, holding tightly onto each and every moment. There are so many beautiful people, places and things in this world, and beauty makes my heart beat fast. My mom taught me how to take pictures, and how to both capture and express love through doing so.

Although I'm based in Edmonton, I travel when possible for work and play and as result am sometimes available for work in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. Please don't be shy to inquire about my travel schedule.




Photography is my career, but it is also my dream come true. 

I'm a photographer because my heart gives me no other choice. 
It's what I have always loved, always done, and sincerely hope to always do. 

I photograph people because I love to connect and collaborate.

Sharing, documenting, and helping to preserve life experiences is both a privilege and a thrill.


If we can be described by the things that we do, I read voraciously, walk quickly, sing constantly, collect makeup compulsively, drink tea insatiably, plan parties excitedly and love my family and friends fiercely. 

I am married to a handsome, super smart, hockey-obsessed man named Brian, who occasionally shoots alongside me.

I try to live every day with courage and creativity, pouring my heart and soul into everything I do. I love hearing and telling stories. 

I am enchanted by life. 

I'm influenced by great movies and television, theatre, fine art, fashion, the excitement of city life, and the beauty of nature.

I'm a lover of  simple pleasures. I know that quality time spent with great people is just about the best thing on earth. I value honesty and appreciate people who speak from the heart. I think magic happens when people, cultures and ideas converge, and when open-mindedness is cultivated by travel. I love when music is so great it gives me crazy goosebumps. I gravitate towards all things cozy, but I try to always stay well outside my comfort zone. I instantly befriend people who have unruly laughs. I revere good manners and old-fashioned civility. I never underestimate the importance of a firm handshake. I  am proud to be Canadian. I believe that all love is created equal. I feel it's always cooler to be enthusiastic than jaded. I advocate for balance between work and play. I love life, and all the wonderful adventures it offers.