Photography is my career, and my dream come true.

I'm a photographer because my heart gives me no other choice. It's what I have always loved, always done, and sincerely hope to always do. I photograph people because I love to connect and collaborate. Sharing, documenting, and helping to preserve life experiences is both a privilege and a thrill.

Photo: Emilie Iggiotti

Photo: Emilie Iggiotti

Courage, creativity and inspiration

Every single day I push myself to live life creatively and to have courage to try new things. I pour my heart and soul into everything I do. I love hearing and telling stories. I am enchanted by life. I'm influenced by great movies and television, theatre, fine art, fashion, the excitement of city life, and the beauty of nature. Most of all, I’m inspired by you! Tell me your dreams, your current obsessions, your guilty pleasures. The better I know you, the more faithfully I can represent you in your images.

A meandering career path

My path to becoming a photographer was rather roundabout. I grew up in a family of photographers, learning from my mom who shot portraits and weddings. Throughout my earlier life, taking pictures of people was my hobby, something I did for fun, creative fulfillment and to help my friends discover their own beauty. I was the high school yearbook photographer and photo editor and my university’s daily student newspaper. Through these practices, I took pictures to connect with others and share their stories. Never imagining photography could or would be my career, I chose another focus for my education and did both my undergraduate and master’s degrees in media studies. Afterwards, I worked in journalism, marketing and higher education in Montreal for several years. In my free time, I was always photographing people. Eventually I was spending more time with a camera in my hand than doing anything else. I realized that my greatest professional privilege is empowering others and creating joyful experiences through photography. I’ve been taking pictures full-time since January 2013, and now I couldn’t dream of doing anything else.

When I’m not shooting, I’m spending time with my partner, our sweet son and our bossy bearded collie. I love quiet moments at home, travelling to old haunts or new cities, meeting up with friends and catching up over treats.

Drop me a line and let’s grab a cup of coffee or tea. I would love to hear how you dream of being photographed.